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Youth Sports Groupies

People these days just donít see the many wondrous advantages of having a mobile home or living in a large camper during the sports season.

Every year my family does so much driving back and forth from house to field, field to field, and any other random direction except the one back home. We just live at the field. You wouldnít have to do this mindless running around, or, even if you did, your house would tag along right behind you. It would be ready to use if you needed something to eat or even had the rare chance of sleeping. That course of action is almost extinct because of how busy people actually seem to be.

Sure, there are tons of disadvantages of having a mobile home, but these arenít so bad are they? Like not having running water -- so you can take your showers with nature out in the rain -- or not even having an address so that youíll be cut off from the rest of the civilized world. But the important thing is that traveling will be easier.

Lots of people who have this opportunity sadly donít take it. They just plop their MOBILE home into a part of land (where STATIONARY houses are supposed to go) and leave it there, just like itís a real house that is built into the ground. Now that defeats the purpose of a mobile home, doesnít it?

Clever people who take advantage of their mobile home can be seen (actually canít because they donít do this) dragging their mobile home around, setting it where their kids will play sports next.

Mind you, Iím not saying I would embrace a mobile home all the time. Oh no, quite the opposite. It would be so cramped and crowded in there with my five-person family, and five isnít that many people. I would just like it for during the week in the heavy sports seasons, like spring and fall as kind of a moving apartment.

It even could be used for other purposes than just transportation. It could shag out-of-play foul balls (letting them bonk off of it), be the neurosurgeonsí station for hurt players, or even serve as a concession stand like the ones in Smokeyís Greater Shows and (just like them) serve platters of grease and the one-of-a-kind delicacy, gristle.

Just take a second and think about the distressing situation we have now. No one is using a mobile home for the correct reason. These people should be warned about the merciless mobile home police. These brutal men roam the countryside, checking out every mobile home to see if it is used during the heavy sport seasons as a home at the field. If you get caught, donít say I didnít warn you.

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