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Behind the Wheel

What is the best age to start driving? Minimum age limits vary in many countries around the world, but none bounce around quite like ours. Every state picks its own age minimum, and no one is happy about it no matter where they live or what age they are.

When you’re 14 or 15, I bet almost everyone wants the ripe old age of 14 to be the age minimum, but when adults look back on how old they were and what they did when they started driving, they want their kids to start driving as soon as they become senior citizens.

An article was presented to my attiention about two weeks ago written by a fellow columnist, titled, "The foolishness of youth makes teen drivers a hazard."

Give me a break. The foolishness of adults also makes adult drivers a hazard too. I’m not saying that every kid is perfect and never goes out of line, but I can say I know just as many reckless adults as kids. (Ha ha ha Christmas season blackmail!)

There’s aways stories about how kids are so "immature" and "not responsible" enough to handle mother’s car. And yes, some are true. But how about the other 95 percent of young people that do drive responsibly? They’ll have to be punished for the acts of others and be bogged down with the unfortunate state of having (watch out big technical term) "no wheels."

Driving is very serious and does take lives into the hands of the drivers. But also consider that I take my life into my hands when I take a drink from the Cony water fountains or walk into one of the bathrooms.

I hate to say this, but also imagine some very senior citizens behind the wheel. Some are perfectly fine, but some drive so incredibly slowly and recklessly that a trip to the Cohnah’ Stoah’ takes a little more than eternity. What about them? Some middle-aged drivers also go about 439 mph, knocking into small objects like trees and skyscrapers for instance, but no state has put the drivers licence up near fifty because of it.

As soon as the big state officials are done terrorizing the youth drivers with all the setbacks and later age limits we will have a much lower accident rate than anyone. Then what will they do? Maybe give driving permits to adults that have been driving for 27 years, or have a kid sit in the front seat to guide them as they stall in the rotary. The license minimum should stay where it is, or go even lower.

Why do we want our drivers licence so quickly you ask? Being 15 in a month, I can answer that. If we have very important places to go, like for instance a friends house or the candy store, that is our only way of getting there when we want. Another huge reason is just to get out of the house, pick up about 300 kids so we’re packed in like sardines, but go nowhere imparticular. Even having a job would be a good reason to have a licence.

Driving age should be 15.

© By Paul Adams